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I firmly believed that I would have a rotten, horrible daughter. I admit, I was a bit difficult for my parents growing up, and I thought I would be repaid tenfold when I had a child. I could not have been more wrong. 

Of all the things I have done and experienced in my life, the one I am most proud of is my daughter. She is simply incredible. I know that seems like a very mom-biased statement, and I suppose it is. But I truly have no idea how or why I lucked out with a daughter who is as brilliant, thoughtful, caring and kind as mine. Of course, my own mother thinks it’s unfair, given how rotten I was!  


Choosing to be a mom, however, wasn’t easy for me. I can’t say I was forced into motherhood, but there may have been some kicking and screaming on my part (metaphorically speaking—well, at least until labor). I was 29 years old when I got pregnant and, to be honest, I wasn’t ready. I loved my life, I had so much to do and accomplish, and, quite frankly, motherhood scared me. But nonetheless, I was completely onboard the second I knew this little human was on its way.


From the moment she emerged, after a long and difficult delivery that we were both lucky to survive, my kid was my best companion and most amazing accomplishment. Anyone who knows me knows about her – I radiate love for her, a feeling that is indescribable. I’m not sure how I haven’t screwed her up, but she is the most incredible gift that I ever received.


My daughter keeps me on my toes, is fierce and yet sensitive in every way. I turn to her for guidance on so many things, just as she does to me.


Although I was only able to have one child, for me there couldn’t be a more perfect one than this girl of mine. I will be forever thankful for the light and love she brings to my life.

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