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Professor, Entrepreneur, Advocate



Dr. Suzette Grillot is a professor of international studies who has published numerous articles and books and has taught courses across the globe. She served as the Dean of the College of International Studies at the University of Oklahoma and helped create international study centers in Italy, Brazil and Mexico. She has won several awards for her teaching.



As a socially conscious entrepreneur, Suzette cofounded several organizations dedicated to empowering marginalized groups, including The Third Space, a community-building and co-working space in Norman, Oklahoma; AMPLIFY: The Voice of The Third Space; and Equity Brewing Company, which is bringing equity, diversity and inclusion to the craft beer industry.



Having witnessed the need for equity at universities, Dr. Grillot was inspired to advocate for inclusion and justice on campus and beyond. Her belief that all voices must be heard led to Studio 3, a podcasting studio where marginalized individuals can share their stories. She works to raise awareness of injustice and fight against it at colleges and in our broader society. 


“I believe that telling our stories has the power to change society. I hope that by sharing my personal experiences, I can encourage others to tell their stories – stories that need to be heard.”

Suzette is the co-founder and supporter of several organizations and projects that empower people, especially those in marginalized groups, to develop community, share their voices, expand their horizons and reach their full potential. Learn more about her efforts to amplify the voices of women and the underrepresented,  facilitate shared, supportive and empowering communities, and promote justice and accountability on college campuses


Social Impact BUSINESSES

Driven by a desire to use her passion and experience, Suzette has pursued her longtime goal of becoming an entrepreneur by working with other experts to create and run several projects and organizations designed for uplifting students, faculty, staff, employees, community members and others.  

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The Third Space is an empowering, supportive co-working and community-building environment located on Campus Corner in Norman, Oklahoma. The Third Space provides safe and shared work and meeting space; workshops, activities and events; and reserved areas for podcasting and filming, conferences, gatherings and private office space to students, faculty, staff and community members. We are in the process of creating The Third Space Foundation, a 501(c)3 that is dedicated to empowering marginalized groups. Visit The Third Space’s website to learn more.
Launched in February 2020, AMPLIFY: The Voice of The Third Space is an online platform to amplify and magnify the voice of feminists and other marginalized communities. We relaunched proFmagazine, which I cofounded in 2017, as Amplify in order to broaden our reach beyond The University of Oklahoma community. We’re maintaining the spirit of proF, an unapologetically intelligent publication by, for and about feminists in higher education. Visit AMPLIFY’s website for more information. 
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Equity Brewing Company is the first all-women owned and operated craft brewery in the state of Oklahoma. We bring value to craft brewing by making inventive beers with flavor profiles that inspire. But we also bring our values of diversity, inclusion and collaboration. We believe in promoting equity so that everyone feels welcomed and comfortable at the craft beer table. As equity consultants, we also work with other businesses to eliminate barriers and help make their work places more accessible to all. We believe in building a more diverse and inclusive community, one beer at a time.  Visit Equity Brewing Co.’s website to learn more. 
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On Our Campus is a coalition of survivors and advocates who are committed to achieving sweeping reform among public institutions of higher ed. Our website invites those who are dedicated to exposing bullshit; doing what leaders should have done; and eliminating dehumanizing and discriminatory practices, policies and structures to pledge their support for transparency, reporting, campus monitoring and supporting sufferers. On Our Campus also produces a podcast by the same name. Visit On Our Campus’s website to learn more. 
Suzette founded Time’s Up Higher Ed as a resource for information about sexual misconduct and gender inequality on campus. The goal of the website is to raise awareness in order to build a Time’s Up movement in higher ed. Time’s Up Higher Ed also provides a supportive and empowering environment for individuals to share their stories. Visit Time’s Up Higher Ed’s website to learn more.

 Media Requests, speaking engagements

and consulting

I’m a strong believer in the power of dialogue. I would love to hear your thoughts, comments, questions and musings and begin a conversation with you. Please use the form below to make your voice heard!


I’m also happy to talk to members of the press. Thank you for sharing the world’s stories! For media requests, please note in the Comments section that you are requesting an interview.

Please contact me for more information about speaking engagements on the following topics:

  • Women in higher education

  • Building community and solidarity through private “third places”

  • The cost of corruption in higher education

  • Thriving after workplace adversity

  • The virtues and vices of global education

  • Amplifying voices as a form of resistance

  • Time's Up Higher Ed

  • Reverse mentoring

  • Power through female partnerships

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